STEAM-Labs – Phase 4

Develop the Unit Plan

The protocol

  1. Prepare the lesson plan following the template.
  2. Share the information sheet for minors with the students involved in the STEAM-Lab. They give their consent to answer the questionnaire (step 4).
  3. Collect the informed consent from the parents.
  4. Apply the questionnaire before starting the lesson plan. If you have already started, apply it as soon as possible.
  5. Work on the lesson plan.
  6. Apply the other questionnaire at the end of the lesson plan. Both questionnaires are the same, but the last one includes four questions about the students’ satisfaction.


The questionnaire used in the STEAM-Labs allows for collecting information about the impact of the STEAM-Labs on STEM vocations and the perception of inclusion in the school.

Apply those questions indicated as “PRE” before implementing the Unit Plan. At the end of the experience, apply all the questions (indicated as “POST”).

CreaSTEAM Questionnaire – English version (

CreaSTEAM Questionnaire – German version (

CreaSTEAM Questionnaire – Italian version (

CreaSTEAM Questionnaire – Spanish version (

CreaSTEAM Questionnaire – Turkish version (

Some real examples of the implementation

STEAM-Lab – Turkish School – CreaSTEAM Project pilot (,

STEAM-Lab – Italian institutions – CreaSTEAM Project pilot (,,

STEAM-Lab – Spanish School – CreaSTEAM Project pilot (,,

STEAM-Lab “Clemens for Future” – German School – CreaSTEAM Project pilot (