Sadettin Türkün Ortaokulu

Sadettin Türkün Secondary School, which is affiliated with the Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education, headed by the Ministry of National Education, is a secondary school that continues its educational activities in Nilüfer District, Bursa. In addition to the School Principal, there are 2 co-principals and 55 staff working in this institution. 870 students continue their education and training activities in our educational institution. ( Our school was built in 2012 by Erol Türkün, a benefactor Businessman. Our school is in Nilüfer District of Bursa. In our school, which provides full-day education between 09:00 and 15:25, various sports and artistic activities are carried out after 15.35. In our school, students carry out various activities in elective courses. In addition, we have school teams in various sports branches in our school. Our graduates have enough capacity to go to the most preferred high schools of the province. Our school has a gym, a conference hall for 180 people, an information technologies classroom with 18 computers, a science laboratory, a library, a canteen, a technology design class. Our students have achieved many sportives, artistic and academic achievements in various fields. Our school has grades from 5th to 8th. Our school’s goal is to develop projects in local national and international scales cooperating with other institutions thus to improve the quality of education. We organise social activities such as sports activities, celebrations, seminars and theatre performances to improve our student’s social abilities. For our teachers and students we organise seminars, conferences in-service training courses.



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