Studienseminar GHRF Gießen

In Germany, especially in Hesse, the qualification of teachers consists of two phases.
The first and longer part of their training takes place at university, with a terminal examination at its end, the first state examination.
The second phase of the qualification of teachers (21 months) takes place in study seminars.
In our department, the study seminar in Gießen for primary and secondary schools as well as for schools for pupils with special needs, we are responsible for the so-called second phase of the teacher training in the region Gießen-Vogelsberg (Hesse – Germany). There, we are currently training almost 200 prospective teachers in three teaching posts at 50 schools. This training is primarily concerned with a close connection of expertise and theoretical knowledge and concrete school and teaching practice. The aim of this combination of knowledge and everyday professional action is to develop a theory-guided and reflexive attitude among prospective teachers that enables them to act professionally competent, pedagogically appropriate and at the same time legally admissable, even in complex situations.


Christian Hofmann
Simone Schappel
Daniela Dietz
Kerstin Gromes
Alexander Gromes